RIFT Perplexing Puzzle Pieces Complete Guide


The achievement Perplexing Puzzle Pieces rewards level 65-70 gear for finding and picking up caches in the Prophecy of Ahnket launch zones. In particular, the Ashenfell caches contain level 70 gear. Completing it also unlocks the ability to buy an item in the Tok's Proving Grounds puzzle dungeon that is used in crafting the Tok's cosmetic armor.

Some are easy to get to, some are very hard. This will show you how to get them all.

None of these require the Opie mount jump nor a racial jump ability, but they will make it easier (Opie was a Prophecy of Ahnket preorder bonus and can still be bought from the RIFT Store via affinity which is earned while being patron. The Jetpack Prototype from a Vostigar Peaks story quest functions similarly to Opie). The runecrafted Glyph of the Shalistiri helps you jump higher and can make this easier, but is still not necessary. Some callings have teleport abilities that can save you time by letting you get back to a specific point if you fall off. For example: Rogue/Riftstalker/Memory Capture & Flashback; Mage/Archon/Point-to-Point plus a Necromancer pet and the Stay command; and Cleric/Runeshaper/Rune of Return.

I have done it the hard way and you can too.

With thanks to everyone in this post for finding and posting the locations of the caches, and to rift.pictures for the hi-res map.

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Table of Contents

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Scatherran Forest

Map of Scatherran Forest caches with coordinates
  1. Scatherran Forest Whirring Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 6059, 5431

    Port to the eastern porticulum, Blackthorn Fall, and go up the ramps to west of the box (about /setwaypoint 5959, 5404) and hop up the rocks and head east on top of them (click to show picture).

    Mount up and jump to land on the lowest flower lip.

    Then jump up the ledges and the box is in the middle of the big flower.

    Click to view a video of the jump.

  2. Scatherran Forest Tocking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 5832, 6748

    Start way north at about /setwaypoint 5719, 6260 . Go up, scale the rocks and ridges to the box. Beware of invisible walls.

  3. Scatherran Forest Ticking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4779, 6088

    Very easy to get to, hard to see. Enter the critter den whose opening is at /setwaypoint 4775, 6103 ; the box is reachable from the ramp, not from the bottom of the hole.

  4. Scatherran Forest Humming Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 5942, 4540

    Quite hard to jump to without boosts. The puzzle piece is on a pillar. The pillar is below a tree. The tree is below a cliff. You have to get to that cliff the long way. Start way southwest at about /setwaypoint 5487, 4887 (you can also start at about 5753, 4515)...

    ...and scale the rocks and ridges all the way around until you can jump on to the tree then down to the pillar. Click for a picture of the piece.

    Click for video for the full how-to.

  5. Scatherran Forest Buzzing Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4884, 6783

    This is all the way at the south of the zone, at the bottom of the waterfalls & river, behind a waterfall.

Gedlo Badlands

Map of Gedlo Badlands caches with coordinates
  1. Gedlo Badlands Tocking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3444, 6389

    This one is in a nook near Saint Taranis and is easy to get to. Jump in and turn around.

  2. Gedlo Badlands Buzzing Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3665, 6325

    This one is in Saint Taranis, on top of the dog statue that holds the fire pit important to the story. However, it's very hard to jump to without boosts. Start on the outcropping about 3633, 6291 and jump to the base of the top claw. Yes, it's possible, though you may need a fast mount.

    Run up the claw/blade to the top of the blade

    Hop on to the rock and walk half of the way up

    Jump to the stone ear opposite you:

    Walk and pick up the box. You made it! Click for video.

  3. Gedlo Badlands Ticking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3462, 7381

    Start northeast of the box at about /setwaypoint 3805, 7165 and it's an easy jaunt. Watch for invisible walls. A bit hard to see against the rock.

  4. Gedlo Badlands Whirring Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3772, 5833

    This one is on top of a floating pillar. Go around up to the ledge near it (about /setwaypoint 3745, 5829) and jump on to it.

  5. Gedlo Badlands Humming Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 2793, 5835

    This is found on the BOTTOM of the floating rock. Stand on the highest outcropping you can and look up and you will be able to pick up the puzzle piece.

Xarth Mire

Map of Xarth Mire caches with coordinates
  1. Xarth Mire Humming Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4555, 3879

    This is on top of a mountain and not terribly difficult to get to. This image is taken from 4604, 3958:

  2. Xarth Mire Whirring Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4577, 3955

    Below the Humming is the Whirring. Head to the ledge at 4562, 3991 and jump into the nook with the box.

  3. Xarth Mire Tocking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4574, 4213

    Close by is the Tocking puzzle box. Head to about /setwaypoint 4541, 4111 and go up the ledge and to the left (southeast).

    At the keep, about 4549, 4179, jump on to the first tower.

    Then to the second, and pick up the box in the corner.

  4. Xarth Mire Buzzing Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 4905, 4077

    Climb the tree very close to this box (at 4945, 4085). Drop on to the walkway and it's in the corner.

  5. Xarth Mire Ticking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 5783, 3969

    The box is on a mountain, not in the den. Start northwest of the box, about /setwaypoint 5464, 3740. Scale the ridges & mountains and drop down to the box from above. It's hard to see in the grass.


Map of Ashenfell caches with coordinates
  1. Ashenfell Whirring Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3588, 5720

    This is easier to get to from Gedlo Badlands, starting at about /setwaypoint 3521, 5851 (you can also go to the Wreckage of Hamatu in Ashenfell, about /setwaypoint 3322, 5633, and climb the wreckage and the mountain). Scale the mountains up to the box.

  2. Ashenfell Ticking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 2279, 4879

    The best way to get here is not to scale any mountains, but to go up the lava flow the Ashenfell story line also takes you up. Bring a heal spec, or complete the Ashenfell story for the lava immunity skill. The box is a short leisurely walk from the plateau at 2237, 4918.

  3. Ashenfell Humming Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3124, 4854

    Start on the path above this box and drop down to it. Don't fall in lava! You can also come at it from south of the lava lake.

  4. Ashenfell Buzzing Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3505, 4687

    This is above the Oracle, but not on the top level. Start around /setwaypoint 3163, 4515 and head towards the box, past the sin vendor.

  5. Ashenfell Tocking Puzzle Box - /setwaypoint 3239, 3428

    This box is very high up, on top of the floating rock. Start at about /setwaypoint 3396, 3574 and go up and around to the largest stalagmite, whose base is about 3410, 3344.

    Go up to almost its tip (not all the way or you'll fall off). Jump to the floating rock and continue up.

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