RIFT Tools and Guides

by forbiddenlake (Flashwit@Deepwood).

YARET: Yet Another Rift Event Tracker


Shows all currently running zone events on and around Telara. (No longer aptly named.)

Shard Firsts Search


Admire your or your guild's shard firsts. Open source and on GitHub (web page, data snarfer).

Wardobe Appearances Search


Find out which items give the wardrobe appearances you are missing. Links to Magelo so you can even find out where the items come from. Open source and on Github.

RIFT Zone Event Graphs


View graphs of zone event data like average time to complete and total count. Because they're pretty.

Perplexing Puzzle Pieces Complete Guide


A complete guide to the achievement Perplexing Puzzle Pieces, for gear and part of Tok's puzzle dungeon.



A simpler and lighter event tracker. Open source and on GitHub.

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