RIFT Zone Event Graphs

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Count of Zone Events, Entire Game, Last 3 Months

Average Time To Complete, Without Artifact Events, Last 3 Mos

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Caveats and Methodology

Important Dates

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Average Time To Complete - Rolling

All - Last 3 Months

The entire game. Data. Same, but without artifacts, here.

All - Last Month

Data. Without artifacts here.

All - Last Year

Data. Without artifacts here.

All Events - All Time


PoA - Last 3 Months

Prophecy of Ahnket. Data.

Vostigar - Last 3 Months


PoA w/o VP - Last 3 Months

Prophecy of Ahnket WITHOUT Vostigar Peaks. Data.

Average Time To Complete - Point-in-time

Fae Yule 2014

Data. Without artifacts here.

Fae Yule 2015

Data. Without artifacts here.

Fae Yule 2016

There was no Faelight Sparkle quest during this event. Data. Without artifacts here.

Fae Yule 2017

Data. Without artifacts here.

Nightmare Tide

Plane of Water Zone Events ONLY, During Nightmare Tide. Data.

Count of Events

All, Last 3 Months

All Zone Events. Data.

All, Last Month


All, Last Year


Nightmare Tide

All Zone Events, During Nightmare Tide. Data.

CtA Hellbugs 1 - NA

Call to Action Hellbugs - NA - 2018-08-02. Data. By hour (Data).

CtA Hellbugs 1 - EU

Call to Action Hellbugs - EU - 2018-08-02. Data. By hour (Data).

Cracking Wins, Monthly NA

Count of successful Crackings of Xarth's Skull, per month. Shows the effect of adding endgame currency to the weekly quest. Data.

Cracking Wins, Monthly EU


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