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This site shows you all currently running zone events in RIFT. Select your region and language, check the list, get in game and go there!

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Unstable Artifact
Fae Yule
Vostigar Peaks event

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Find an event you are interested in. Hop to the shard it is on and teleport there, then do the event! But remember that an event may complete (or fail) before you get there!

Click an event to gray it out.

Hover over the elapsed time to see the average run time of this event over the last 30 days in this region.

Click a map name to hide the entire map.

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Celestial Lands

Cometary Ice waterWolfsbaneGedlo Badlands12m

Plane of Water



Swarm of the Century earthWolfsbaneThe Dendrome42m
Unstable DendromeDeepwoodThe Dendrome18m
Unstable SeratosFaeblightSeratos8m
Unstable DendromeGreybriarThe Dendrome3m
Operation: Landfall airSeastoneKingdom of Pelladane1m


Unstable Iron Pine PeakHailolIron Pine Peak23m
The Embers of Silverwood fireWolfsbaneSilverwood12m
Where the Death Fae Go deathWolfsbaneMoonshade Highlands9m
Unstable Scarwood ReachGreybriarScarwood Reach7m
Unstable DroughtlandsFaeblightDroughtlands4m

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