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This site shows you all currently running zone events in RIFT. Select your region and language, check the list, get in game and go there!

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Unstable Artifact
Fae Yule
Vostigar Peaks event

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Find an event you are interested in. Hop to the shard it is on and teleport there, then do the event! But remember that an event may complete (or fail) before you get there!

Click an event to gray it out.

Hover over the elapsed time to see the average run time of this event over the last 30 days in this region.

Click a map name to hide the entire map.

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Celestial Lands

Tenebrean TussleGreybriarVostigar Peaks8m
The Tempest RisesDeepwoodVostigar Peaks7m

∅ Plane of Water


Dreams of Blood and Bone (life)GreybriarAshora94m
Unstable Eastern HoldingsFaeblightEastern Holdings16m
Dreams of Blood and Bone (life)DeepwoodAshora16m
The Battle of Cape Jule (air)WolfsbaneCape Jule9m
Unstable DendromeSeastoneThe Dendrome7m


Waves of Madness (water)GreybriarShimmersand52m
Witch of the West (life)DeepwoodStillmoor39m
Unstable SilverwoodDeepwoodSilverwood26m
Unstable Scarlet GorgeHailolScarlet Gorge24m
Unstable Iron Pine PeakWolfsbaneIron Pine Peak19m
Unstable Iron Pine PeakFaeblightIron Pine Peak7m

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